“I am writing this email to express my sincere gratitude for your effort to improve the structure of my PhD thesis. I do appreciate the time you spent reviewing my writings.  I would like to inform you that I had successfully passed my PhD viva with minor corrections.  I have already completed my corrections and will submit the hard-bound copies to the Graduate School.  And, I will be attending to my graduation ceremony held in July.  The achievement of my thesis would not have been possible without your kind assistance. Thank you very much. “​  Kam Hoe YIN, Malaysia, PhD Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

“Thanks to your kind help on my first chapter, my paper produced from the first chapter is accepted by the conference and I will deliver a twenty-minute presentation there.”  Feicheng, China, PhD Economics

“Your writing group has been very instrumental to my development as a researcher. The very objective and critical feedbacks I received, the group cohesion, and of course your very helpful and supportive disposition, have helped me greatly.”  Felix, Nigeria, PhD Digital Economics

“I just wanted to send you an email to let you know how useful the Writing Group has been for me this semester. The proof reading activity we did for the first few weeks has had a huge affect on how I approach my writing and produce my chapters which is especially important for the stage I am at now. I was really careful about how I use words such as “thus” “however” etc.. I am grateful for the change that the Writing Group has made on my writing and really looking forward to the sessions in the next semester.”  Jianjun, China, PhD Computer Science

“The understanding and suggestions your kindly gave are highly appreciated. The journey is tough but, as you said, it worth the effort as it makes me learn a lot of not only academic but also life.”   Xi Gao, China, PhD Civil Engineering