This page should be read in conjunction with the terms and conditions.

How it works… please follow these steps

1.  Email your request

Please email me at [email protected]

Your email should tell me what service you need.

For proofreading or editing I will need to see a sample of your work so I can give you an estimated price.  Attach your work as a word document.

For other services, (for example: writing a cv, personal statement, job application, cover letter, LinkedIn profile; for dissertation support or academic advising) let me know what you require and I will email you back so that we can decide what information you will need to send me.

If you are unsure what to do, or exactly what you want, just email me and we will work it out together.

2.  Acceptance and payment

When we have agreed on the work to be done, and the price, I will ask you for a deposit.

For work quoted at less than $US100 full payment is required before work can begin..

For work quoted at more than $US100 a deposit is required and full payment made seven days after the work is completed.

However, undergraduate / graduate dissertations and doctoral theses may be sent chapter by chapter. Payment for each completed chapter must be made before the next chapter will be read.

3.  Work begins

For proofreading and editing I will use the Track Changes function in Microsoft Word.  I will give you an expected completion date.

4.  Work is returned

For self-marketing documents (cv, personal statement, job application, cover letter, LinkedIn profile) I will send work for you to check as soon as possible.  We may continue to work on the document together for up to seven days after you receive the first sample.

For proofreading and editing, I will return your work with suggestions, which you can accept or reject. Comments will appear in the margin along with any other suggested changes. Please refer to the guidelines for using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes function.

5.  Follow up and continuing support

For proofreading and editing you may continue to receive support and advice via email for up to seven days after your work has been returned.  Face-to-face discussion about the suggestions made is available via Skype at the advising rate.