Mastering the technique of writing your CV or applying for post graduate study, a scholarship, an internship, or a job is key to progressing your career in the right direction for you.  The self marketing service will help you to present your skills and experience in a professional manner, giving you an edge over your competitors.

1. CV

Recent research (e.g., The Independent, 9th May, 2015) indicates that employers spend less than 10 seconds reading your CV before making a decision to ask you for an interview. Therefore your CV needs to create an immediate impact.  Write Academic Style provides you with a CV that highlights your achievements and immediately engages the reader.  See prices.

2. Cover letter

Similar research indicates that employers are more likely to read your CV if a covering letter gives them a compelling reason to do so.  Your cover letter must be concise, targeted and forceful. See prices.

3. Personal statements

Personal, or supporting, statements are usually required by universities as part of the application process for graduate programmes.  Your personal statement should demonstrate why the skills you have gained through your previous education, your life experience, and your personal interests make you a suitable student for a specific degree programme.  Write Academic Style will ensure you highlight those skills to the best possible advantage. See prices.

4. Linked-in profile

A linked-in profile has become a crucial element in developing your professional life. However, it has a social aspect to it which is not seen in your CV because, unlike your CV, it is not targeted at a specific employer or position.  Therefore it requires a particularly judicious approach in its structure.  Write Academic Style adopts that approach to create an immediate impact. See prices.

5. All, or a combination, of the above

To ensure each of these elements work positively together you may choose a complete package or a selection to suit your purpose. See prices.