Support for both Bachelor and Masters level dissertation students is provided.  Packages are designed to guide you through the process from planning and designing your research through to final proofreading and submission.  You will be guided through the stages of research but you will, of course, conduct your own research. and write up your results.

A full package includes:
1. Getting started
  • making a plan – focussing on a topic; identifying a question; setting a timetable
  • understanding the literature – narrowing the focus and finalising research question/s
  • research design – appropriate methodologies
  • data collection – appropriate methods/tools
  • data analysis – qualitative or quantitative (no statistical advice can be given)
2. Writing
  • planning – chapter requirements / organising chapters
  • editing (includes proofreading)
  • responding to feedback
  • referencing  – adhering to university regulations
3.  Finishing
  • proofreading
  • formatting
  • presentation – adhering to university regulations
Any combination of these elements is possible.

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